•10"-14" Height Measurement Based on Average rifle, from ground level to the bottom of the Stock or   Handguard.
•6" Height with legs at 45 degrees
• Non-rotational legs, and pivots. All aspects of the leg assemblies will be non-rotational.
•Receptacles on the bottom of all legs that accept QD spikes and allow stacking of legs. This really opens up options for leg lengths and accessories.
•Refined main body with the ability to attach a picatinny rail on the bottom. As well as a flush cup for QD slings etc.
•Removable Legs
•Weighs 15 oz.
•Locking Quick Detach Attachment
•20 Degree Pivoting Head with lever lock
•leg Positions 0,45,90 and125 degrees
•Light Carbon Fiber Legs and Accessories
•Spring Loaded Extending Legs

Evolution Bi-Pod Tall Prone 10"-14"