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Clamp/Body Features: 

• Attaches to any standard NATO Picatinny rail via an adjustable quick-detach clamp from American Defense Manufacturing

• The bottom of the bipod body features a built-in flush cup receptacle and two 10/32 threaded holes for attaching acessories like a Picatinny or our mini ARCA rail tripod adapter.  

• Easy to access lever-style pod-lock on the back of the body allows the shooter to loosen the cant tension, level the rifle, and lock it in without breaking position.  The body offers 20° of side-to-side cant. 

• All clamps attach via the industry standard 17S pattern allowing you to change to other clamp options by simply removing two screws.  This includes the BTC Pro Clamp & SC-ARC Clampdual clamps we offer from Really Right Stuff that attach can attach to both Picatinny and ARCA rails.

Leg Features: 

• Our patented quick-detach legs are what makes the Evo the most versatile bipod in the world.  In seconds, the user can remove the current legs and attach another set of a different length that better matches their shooting position.  

• All of our legs extend using a spring-assisted deployment for easy one-handed operation.  

• Because we use the same collar system on both ends of the legs, they are not only detachable but stackable as well, allowing you to combine legs end-to-end for even more height combinations.  We also offer spiked feet (sold separately)hat can attach directly to the bipod for an ultra-low leg or to the end of any leg for better grip on soft surfaces.  

• Standard leg length options are 7-10", 8-11", and 10-14". Sitting length legs are 12-19", 16-23" and our most popular 22-29". All height measurements are from the ground to the underside of the rifle stock or handguard with the bipod legs in the 90-degree position. For the 45° and 125° positions deduct ~3" from the standard leg height ranges.  

• Constructed of the best carbon fiber and aircraft grade aluminum our legs are extremely strong, lightweight, and durable. 
• Non-rotational legs, and pivots. All aspects of the leg assemblies will be non-rotational.

• Weight by leg length:  13 oz. for 7-10", 14 oz. for 8-11", and 15 oz for 10-14" legs.  

Evolution Bipod with ADM Picatinny Clamp

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